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Getting Started  in The Brass Band Academy doesn't require you or your child to be from "a musical background" -  any child who has learned to speak their mother tongue is capable of learning to play an instrument  (and  have  fun at the same time!).   Additionally this program is very affordable  - you won't need purchase of a lot of expensive equipment that will

one day end up collecting dust in the back of a closet.   


    - for a small investment!

- $75.00 for a five lesson/four week class.


- includes instrument & all instructional


- Students begin with a Starter Bugle and switch 

     to the Cornet Bugle at the second lesson. 

- If your student continues on to Cornet Class, you will receive a $35

     credit towards the rental /purchase of a cornet if you buy the

     instrument from The BBA.

     - Students are taught in groups of 6 - 9 - divided into 3-4 competitive


                               - Lessons last 60 minutes - once per week.

Equipment Needed

"Knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions equals SKILL. 
-  Schinichi Suzuki

INSTRUMENTS - Mr. Witt will be happy to help you find the best deal on

an instrument for your child at a local music store or online retailer.  You

can also set up an instrumental rent-to-purchase plan directly from The

BBA.   These  horns  are  often  a  third to  one-half  the cost of what you

will pay from an internet site.  If your student later switches to one of the 

other brass band instruments, you can trade in the cornet and apply the

cost towards the new horn (minus wear and tear).

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL for Bugle Boot Camp is included in the cost

of the lessons.   However,  starting with Cornet Class 1, you will need to

purchase your lesson book directly from The BBA for $20.  This is a very

sturdy spiral  bound  book with each  page separately laminated.   It has been specially designed to fit neatly in the pouch on 

the  cornet  case  in order to minimise the material your student has to carry back and fourth from school.   If  your child takes care of their book, it will last long after they have learned the material   -  and can be traded in to receive  the  Cornet Class 2  book for only $5.   OTHER EQUIPMENT  that  is  very  useful  to  have  includes a music stand and metronome (pictured above). These inexpensive items will help create a structured environment where your student can focus their attention and concen-trate on practicing.   Mr. Witt can show you where to purchase them.

TEACHING SCHEDULE  -  The  best  time  to start  learning  a  brass instrument is now!

...But you can start anytime by contacting Mr. Witt through the INSTRUCTOR page.

                  The yearly schedule is -                                                                                             

  mid-August through mid-December & mid-January through May      

TEACHING LOCATION(S)  - The BBA is located in the beautiful and mod-

ern facilities of Wynnbrook Christian School located at 500 River Knoll

Way  in  Columbus,  Georgia.   Mr. Witt  will  also come  directly to your 

school  if  there  is  a  group of  interested students.   Parents are always

welcome to attend lessons with their children.                                              


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