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David Witt   began playing  the  tuba in the sixth grade while attending the Delaware  Christian  School  in  central  Ohio.   Following high school,   he spent five years  in  Bloomington,  Indiana studying tuba performance and nocturnal custodial techniques at the Indiana University School of Music.  David  is a  29 year veteran of the Army Band field and has traveled much of the world  as  a  professional military musician.   He retired  from  military  service  in  2016  after serving as First Sergeant of the Maneuver Center of

Excellence Band at Fort

Benning, Georgia.

First Sergeant Witt is a lifelong devotee

of the  British-style  Brass  Band and has

studied,  organized  and  performed  this

unique style of music making in the U.S.,

Germany,   Switzerland  and   the  United

Kingdom.  He  will  take a personal  inter-

est  in  making sure your student has the

tools,  instruction  and  motivation needed to succeed and have fun while learning to play a brass instrument.

David is available to speak to your home school co-op, class group, parents meet-ing, or with administrators and faculty about this exciting musical opportunity.  The

instrument  display  table,  videos and hands on presentation will give your organi-

zation the opportunity to take a small peek into the vibrant world of brass banding.

See if The Brass Band Academy might be a good fit for your students by calling or

e-mailing to schedule a meeting.


telephone: (334) 614-0404

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