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 - Instrumentation

The glorious sound and distinctive structure of the brass band is the result of a very specific instrumentation that has been perfected and standardized over the course of many years.   Just as in team sports, each position in the brass band has a well defined role to perform in order to build a precision, well trained ensemble.  A combination of ten different brass horns from four families, plus an assortment of percussion instruments, combine to form this very efficient musical team.   CLICK on one of the groups above to learn more about the role each instrument plays in the brass band.

   PICTURED ABOVE: The Cory Band (est. 1884)        from the Rhondda Valley in Wales.   2015            National Brass Band Champions of Great      

     Britian  and  2016  European  Brass  Band

     Champions. See the BRASS BAND LINKS

     section  for  videos and web site informa-

     tion  about this phenomenal organization. 

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