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The Brass Band Academy provides any student in the Columbus, Georgia - Phenix City, Alabama area, the opportunity  to  learn  to  play  a brass instrument and participate in a comprehensive music program.   It is an ideal choice for

homeschool students and enables small schools the ability to include instrumental music as part of their curriculum.  Starting with Bugle Boot Camp and followed by Cornet Class, The BBA will

prepare your children to be 

confident members on

the brass band team

and  challenge them

to reach their highest

potential as they have

fun  learning  to  play

great music.  

The BBA  is modeled

on the all brass band

that  developed  in 

Yorkshire England during the last half of the 19th century. This unique style of music making has spread around the world and has a 150-year  history  of training the very finest brass musicians.   The British Brass Band provides a clearly defined structure for  individual  and  group  learning  -  and  a  full band only requires 27 players.  This musical team produces a very distinctive sound that is rich, powerful and incredibly beautiful.

                                                       The  BBA  will  introduce  your  child to the rewarding experience of performing on their instru-

                                                       ment  for  family,  church,  school  and  community  events as well as competitive playing at re-

                                                       gional  and  national  levels.   Public  performance  will  help  motivate your student to practice,

                                                       focus on concrete musical goals and build self-confidence. Additionally, The BBA will open the

                                                       door to a vibrant international brass band fraternity and expose your child to world class musi-                                                            cians who live in and visit the west central Georgia-Alabama area.

The Macclesfield Youth Brass Band

Macclesfield, Cheshire - North West England

Elias Witt - Brass Band Academy student

from Grace Christian School in Columbus, Georgia

Georgia Association of Christian Schools - Junior High Fine Arts Competition 

1st Place Brass Soloist - 2014, 2015, 2016

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